Kaitlyn YapjocoUniversity of California, DavisKaitlyn Yapjoco
University of California, Davis
We were very happy to have Dr. Margolin speak to our students! She's really funny, too; very easy-going! We will definitely keep her in mind for future opportunities.
Tiffany TseUniversity of California, DavisTiffany Tse
University of California, Davis
Both Kaitlyn and I learned so much about what you do and the importance of our own health as well. You provided a unique perspective regarding the life of a mobile practice and integrative medicine vet. We would love to have you come back sometime during the school year to speak with students in pre-vet clubs.
Richard BursonRichard Burson
I realize that I probably will be unable to express properly my thanks and appreciation for this Dr. and the services that she provides but will do my best. Our dog recently hurt her hind leg and was having trouble to even walk. I called our vet and to my surprise he had retired. Because our dog was in so much pain I did not want to make things worse by trying to manhandle her into the car to try to take her to a vet. as I am 84 yrs. of age and the dog is 100 lbs. and I am unable to pick her up . Searching for someone to come to the house to see our dog was next to impossible. I found a web site RollingPetVet on a sat. late in the day and filled out there appointment request and to my surprise I received an answer almost immediately. Talking to them on the phone we made the appointment for the following tues. as they were closed sun. and mon. and this was not an emergence. They arrived as scheduled and I was introduced to Dr. Tiffany and I explained what I thought had happened and what the previous vet had said. What a pleasant surprise it was to see her concern for our dog as well as her desire to help. After the exam of our dog which was much more complete than any she had had before she then had a conference with me as to what was wrong as well as to what was needed to make her well again without surgery. Beautiful. About 2 weeks later I noticed our dog limping again with a different paw so again to the web site and made an appointment and to my surprise she was here the next day. The love and concern she has for her patients is outstanding along with her expertise. She reminds me of the family doctors of old that not only made house calls but were also concerned about there patients well being. For me she is not a 5 star vet but more like 50 star vet.. My thanks and appreciation for Dr. Tiffany and RollinPetVet is way bigger and deeper than I know how to express. So the best I can do "THANK YOU VERY MUCH " Dr. Tiffany.