Energy Reset

Energy Reset

Energy reset: Practical Solutions for the Overextended Professional

Would you like to have TWICE the energy to reach TWICE the number of clients in HALF the time?

Dr. Tiffany can show you how!

Dr. Tiffany Margolin is an entrepreneur and professional speaker who has experienced the pressing issues businesspeople face as they struggle to succeed in career and at home. Through decades of business success as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Integrative Health Practitioner, wife and mother, she discovered practical solutions that help other overextended professionals have the energy for optimal productivity. You can count on Dr. Tiffany’s presentations being humorous, engaging and full of powerful tools for being... more effective at work…. and…. more satisfied at home.

Dr. Tiffany is a sought-after speaker and author of the upcoming book, Energy Reset: Feel Like a Puppy at Any Age! Lessons Learned from the Animals.

Have Dr. Tiffany Impact Your Organization:

"I highly recommend Dr. Tiffany as a keynote speaker for any major event. Her intellectual command of medicine is balanced with her compassionate spirit. She is a compelling and naturally gifted speaker."

— Claudia Field, Anti-Aging, Health and Wealth Advisor, LifeVantage Corporation

"Dr. Tiffany can immediately change your health and your life. I have shared the stage with many great speakers. Dr. Tiffany possesses the rare ability to CONNECT with and ENGAGE her audience."

— Brian K. Theiss, Starkey Hearing Foundation, Owner, Theiss Institute

Speaking Topics that Transform Audiences:

  • 4 Secrets to Energy Producing Sleep and Optimum Productivity
  • How to Overcome the Afternoon Lag; Solutions that Give You the Energy to Power Through!
  • The 5 Key Brain Foods that Will Streamline Your Thinking and Elevate Your Productivity
  • What Working with Animals Taught Me about Productivity, Vitality and Success
  • How Your Pets Can Teach You to Reverse Aging and Live Longer